KOMMA named as a thought of believing to never stop. As much as how fashion evolves through the time, KOMMA is a result of its creator evolution. Established recently in the early year of 2014, it believes through the dream and passion, KOMMA is a platform of shaping their journey to their ideological mind. Believing that life should be pleasant, KOMMA build a collection of garments, to easily suit daily liveliness. Each and every pieces of KOMMA is a way of breaking though the mundane life, and being empowered by dressing up. Identity is your owns, meanwhile enhancing the wearers is where KOMMA is heading.



Each personal characteristic of KOMMA’s creator makes a unique combination to adapt and conclude their signature style. Without leaving the personality of its fabric, cutting and pattern become the major needs of completing the whole look. Balancing the design, KOMMA is showing it always have two sides of personality in producing garments, it’ll go accordingly to your mood. Quirky, edgy and suave.



Being a market leader is one of our aims. While keeping the signature style, KOMMA will give it best efforts through producing good quality apparel in affordable price without forgetting the essence of designing itself. Successfully reaching international market and known worldwide for its good apparel will be KOMMA at its best in future. Through this era of young designers, every step that’ll take must be considered carefully. Being wearable and keeping up the good quality and design for customer satisfaction is our mission. While the ideology of designers might be clashing with some aspects in producing the garments, KOMMA will give it best efforts to be best in most of it. KOMMA believes fashion is a one of many ways to express each and every individual; therefore it should be available and affordable for the market. Fashion is a constant change in trend and market, evolving through the era is a must to get through time.



KOMMA are a combination of all. One might go quirky, yet understated and edgy at the same time. KOMMA can be easily matched to feed your daily needs. The idea of being wearable without being dull is a conclusion of our garments. You’ll find us for a playful date, a day at office, also for an occasionally rare formal event.